how bitcoin faucets work

how bitcoin faucets work ?, how much i can earn with bitcoin faucets ? do bitcoin faucet pays ? here are the answer for these questions in a simple way.


how bitcoin faucets work ?

answer is faucets are website which pays a very small fraction of bitcoins which called satoshi, for completing a very simple task like writing captcha and clicking same picture and other very simple tasks. To collect these bitcoins from these faucets you should have bitcoin wallet there are some popular faucets you can subscribe.

how bitcoin faucets work

how much i can earn with bitcoin faucets ?

you cant earn alot from these faucets because they pay you very small fraction of bitcoin but is ok for extra earning.

do bitcoin faucets pay ?

yes bitcoin faucets pay but not all some pay instant some have thresholds, so before using bitcoin faucet kindly check their reputation.

some legit bitcoin faucets which are paying til now are.

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